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Combine multiple BoardGameGeek users' game collections into one big, beautiful game shelf for your gaming group!

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Get smart recommendations on boardgames, based on number of players, game length and theme.

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You cannot see your new game in your collection?

Gameshelf caches game collections to not strain BoardGameGeek's server too much. Try downloading your collections again by clicking the refresh button in the setting menu. The settings menu can be found in the left side of the page header when you are viewing a shelf.

You own a game with an expansion that add additional players to the base game, but this is not shown in Gameshelf?

This used to be a problem, but now it should work! If it does not, please tell us.

How does the recommendation rankings work?
  • Magic - ranks with all the other ranking options combined. That is magic!
  • BGG Ranking - ranks by global bayes average rating from BGG.
  • Your Rating - ranks by the average of the Gameshelf members' ratings.
  • # Owners - ranks by how many Gameshelf members owns a game
  • # Players - ranks by user suggested # of players poll from BGG. More votes has more weight.
  • Wish lists - ranks by how many Gameshelf members has a game in his/her wishlist and at what value (Must have → Don't buy this).
  • Want to Play - ranks by how many Gameshelf members has a game set as want to play.
  • Publish Year - ranks by year published.
  • Luck - ranks by randomness. For the Yahtzee fans.


Where can you find neat screenshot and other press material for this site?

Just download the press kit!

How should you know if other have asked your question before?

The best way is to check this list.